Monthly Archives: August 2008

If you left Wichita and were successful

Would you come back?

He did.


Vote Wichita, vote often

The Kansas Sampler Foundation is having a contest to name the 8 Wonders of Kansas Art. Of the 24 nominees four of them are from Wichita.

You can see all the nominees and vote for your favorites here.

Shocker baseball practice starts Monday

Here’s some stuff you may not know about this years team.

Head ’em up

It’s Blog Roundup time once again over at Voice for Liberty in Wichita.

Local cookbook makes good

Princess Adriene wishes for you to be aware of the Artfully Done: Across Generations cookbook. The Wichita Art Museum will benefit from your purchase.

Across Generations

Artfully Done: Across Generations

How to make information a high-end luxury item

Cerebrate has a link to an idea to limit information because we can’t handle it and our democracy can’t survive it. he also supplies his own rant with the link.

Shannon Albert would like to introduce you to multiple Shannon Alberts

The power of the internet lets you hunt down your doppelgangers.