Monthly Archives: October 2008

Later tonight

you will, or should, watch a scary movie to top off your Halloween evening. In Media Res has a few suggesitons.

Be sure and turn the lights down low and the sound up loud. Its no far to blunt the scariness.


This is so tempting

but we have a rule, we don’t post another blog’s photos, we link to them. So go see the Wilson Triplets in their Halloween splendor.

Light blogging till tomorrow when we will try to get caught up on the post-Halloween madness.

The things they never say are the things we worry about

So, Shocker Fitness with Coach Bolt is like a party with occasional runs? But then we see people on Twitter discussing timed miles and quarter miles. How come we never see the pictures of people throwing up? I smell (ewwwww) a cover up.

The differences between grits and grit

Patsy detects a difference between the focus of southern literature and plains literature. Return with her to those thrilling days of yesterday and pretend your in English class: compare and contrast.

The local surge

Have the local stations amped up their news commitment? Oh, never mind, it’s just sweeps. Hal comments on the competition.

A hooker walks into a church with a cat

and a six year relationship with Kirk begins. A relationship between Kirk and the cat. But you knew that.

Boo-Shock o’lantern

Which is more scary, Wushock or Charles Manson? Consider carefully.