New to me

Well lookie (or is it looky?) here. More Wichita area bloggers. I’m not claiming they’re new, just new to me.

PR Needed Here The David Kamerer empire expands..

Melanie-Pearl Her life, her art, her ownself.

It’s a B$ World He is all about the blogshare bling.

Life After Marriage A married couple that blogs. Together? How bizarre.

Wichita KS Movies He lists the movies that are coming to Wichita and the ones that are leaving. In between he reviews them.

The Smooth Jazz Blog All things smooth jazz. Locally owned and operated.

In a pickle Recipes and pictures that make you want to holler “fork!”

candeye Soon-to-be graduate of the Elliott School of Communication and dog owner.

Your instructions are: go check them out, follow the ones you find interesting, comment often but appropriately and expand the conversation.

You’re welcome.

The br0xen blog He’s not picky about how you pronounce the name. He haunts the comic shops so he’s Main’s kinda guy. Douglas is still trying to pronounce the blog title.


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