Monthly Archives: February 2009

Scenes from congress

that we will never see. The dog speaks for us all.


Ahhh, sweet mystery of life

We provide the link because we have no clue how to answer the question, How do I talk to women?”

Who will wear the headdress?

Boston Tea party reenactment in the Wichita area. Perhaps the British will get the message this time.

Condolences to Aimee

her grandmother passed away.

Perhaps if they were brightly lit digital creations

A opportunity to see the wide variety of murals in the Delano District. Apparently that kind of display is now against the rules. Unless you get, like an exemption, or something.

On this day in history

Samuel Colt received an American patent for his revolver, J. P. Morgan incorporated United States Steel Corporation, George Washington held his first cabinet meeting as President of the United States and Dave Knadler was born.

Recipe: The quick-and-dirty, thin-crust pizza

And it has goat cheese for the adventurer in you. Do those initials stand for what I think they stand for?