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First Friday is coming

It’s free music for the masses. Here’s a list of who will be playing.


Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels

Three of Dustin Deckard’s favorite things.

Douglas and Main wholeheartedly agree on one and two but we are firmly in the cigar camp of communal vices.

The number one bar in Kansas

an anthropological field trip to the extremes of Wichita night-life.

After the Final comes the First

Final Friday is tonight. next week is the first inaugural First Friday.

A story worth reading

Steph has a story in the February issue of Naked City that you will be glad you read.

We bring you a Final Friday review

It’s a week late but that’s our fault, not Stan’s. It’s helpful for first time FF attenders when some of the veterans share what they do and where they go. Stan does this well.

A couple of winners

And they are both, very humble. Jaclyn Turner and Ken Davis were awarded blue ribbons in a photography contest sponsored by Tangent Labs here in Wichita.

Jaclyn posts a brief mention of her award and links to a picture of her picture and the ribbon she won

Davis’ humility forced his wife, and a friend, to handle his PR.

There were rumors that Davis might wear a tuxedo to the event, something about a bitter prom experience, but instead he wore his signature jacket.