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First Friday is coming

It’s free music for the masses. Here’s a list of who will be playing.


Third Thursday report

Hutchinson’s night of art is on the third Thursday of each month. The recent event had a Patsycentric component that she liked just fine, thank you.

What? No Comic Sans?

A periodic table of typefaces.

The little details of life

The things you can learn from the back of a dumpster.

let’s catch up on the ROK ICT doings

if you want to perform on the free stage at this year’s Kansas State Fair click here.

First Friday gets some coverage from KSN.

Jedd Beaudoin has joined the ROK ICT team.

A call to action. Helping make Wichita more entertainment friendly.

This is why she came to Wichita

Blessed by luck, a California Girl in Kansas wins.

The gift of art

Affordable art that is just right for sitcom loving TV fans.