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Dave strikes 29 for the tenth time

On the occasion of his 39th birthday the author of Marketing Spoonful gets 32 things off his chest.


On this day in history

Samuel Colt received an American patent for his revolver, J. P. Morgan incorporated United States Steel Corporation, George Washington held his first cabinet meeting as President of the United States and Dave Knadler was born.

This is how she knows she is loved

Mother Loved gives Aimee a birthday breakfast octo-treat. Photo proof is provided.

Zane Grey, Johnny Rotten, Justin Timberlake and

Nancy, of Nancy’s World were all born on January 31st. Happy birthday Nancy!


  • January 11 – East Pakistan wins their independence
  • January 12 – Brian is born
  • January 13 – The Prime Minister of Ghana is overthrown in a military coup.
  • January 14 – King Frederick IX of Denmark dies
  • January 16 – Super Bowl VI: The Dallas Cowboys defeat the Miami Dolphins 24-3.

Oddly, all these events happened within a seven day span in 1972.

All information, except the date of Brian’s birth, come from the excellent academic research site, Wikipedia.

A reason to Woot

Birthdays? Meh. Gift cards from bookstores? Celebration worthy!

The Pol Pot regime collapses

It’s seven days into the UN declared International Year of the Child and Erin is born. As she looks back over her three decades of residency on planet Earth; she finds much to be thankful for.