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Eating out in tough economic times

demands cutting back or finding bargains. Did someone say bargains? Here are ten opportunities to save when eating out at local restaurants.


Five places you eat at in Vegas

Sin City™ feeds many addictions. Vegas for a Foodie is like, uh, er, Vegas for gamblers. The temptations are numerous and varied and readily available, twenty-four hours a day. Follow one local food lover’s four day march through Vegas cuisine.

Doing the Whole thing

Bighess is the latest local blogger to fall under the spell of the Donut Whole. This time, Cream Soda is part of the magic.

Fight the power

Melissa accepts the challenge to work at becoming independent of any outside food production.

Restaurant Review: The Donut Whole

Concise and to the point. With pictures.

One of the most important dates in Wichita history

March 17.

Princess Adrianne and her friend will teach a class, “all about bacon.”

Recipes: Mini-pizzas and pigs in a comforter

These would’ve made watching the Oscar Awards palatable for anyone.