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The last voice of a people

The language of the Wichita tribe is almost gone. Only one person can still talk the talk.



A video requiem for the Rocky Mountain News.

What the money shows you

“The Face Value of Slavery: Reflecting Its Economic Impact in Paper Currency” will be presented by Gerald Norwood from 2 to 4 p.m. on February 22 at the Ablah Library on the WSU campus. More information here.

Another vote for Lincoln

Wela likes, and relates to Abe,warts and all.

The history of a house

It is connected to the early aircraft industry. Plus aerial photos of the place, then and now.

Can recognition become segregation?

Has Black History Month outlived its usefulness or does it still perform a useful service?

Documentary on the Dockum Sit-in premeires tonight

KPTS produced this film on the first succesful student led sit-in in the nation. It will be shown at the WSU Hughes complex.