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We knew him when

Long before he was @toddblog he was Todd Ramsey, blogger. Now he is Todd, social media educator.


If no one follows any one

Then Twitter becomes unworkable.

The Tweeps who build giant followings without following anyone are either people we want to gawk at (see Cherp’s man-crush confession) or they produce interesting content (CNN doesn’t follow alot of people either.) They are a different breed of bird than the rest of us and add spice to the Twitterverse.

The singularity draws ever closer

Tweetdeck will now connect to Facebook as well as Twitter.

thoughts later deleted

Questions about social media and self and identity. Really, they are the same questions we have to answer about face-to-face interaction. The computer-mediated thing allows some wiggle room but ultimately the question is, “who do I want to appear to be to other people?”

Behold, all ye who doubt

Twitter takes a man around the world in 30 days. Todd is sharing the good news of Twitter this Thursday if you are still not a believer.

Are you contemplating a Second Life?

Let Cerebrate take your hand, virtually of course, and guide you into the world of Second Life. This is the first of five sessions.

Skittles are Tweet

How to make a cheap web site, get your customers to provide all the content and create nationwide buzz. The Skittles approach.