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Dave would stifle a tear

If he could work one up. The American newspaper that is quietly expiring is not what it used to be.


The news that didn’t make the news

Quick quiz: How many of you know about AIG bonuses? Hold your hands up high so we can count them all.

Now, how many know about the steaming pile of fail that is a Diebold electronic balloting system?

Editor to online readers, “Nuts!”

The latest edition of The College Hill Commoner is online but the editor really could care less if you read it, and I assume the ads as well, because the paper product is the wave of the future. Check page 2 for the full explanation of why there is an online site but it’s not really relevant.

Saddle up Sancho, there are giants to be slain.

You know you want one

The PC EZ-Bake oven. It’s the EZ-Bake dream of miniaturized flavorlessness that now fits in your desktop’s 5 1/4″ drive. next up: Shrinky Dinks in your DVD drive.

Not one but two shots at the title, “cofounder”

Jesse has a couple of ideas and is looking for investors.

Do you Glog?

A cool little site for you, or the student at your house, to make an online poster. Better yet it’s free.

If you’re having trouble getting your message out

Sending out text messages with e-mail.