Why teaching is fun

When the Hamilton Middle School teachers had to abruptly leave the building they weren’t allowed to return to retrieve the supplies they had purchased. Bob has a couple of questions.


Two year report

A State of the Triplets address from the mom.

Don’t forget that box in the upper right corner of their blog. James is raising money for the March of Babies walk on April 18. Click and give.

Father and daughter lobbying

Moti and his daughter go to Topeka to express themselves on the matter of clean energy.

Bernard Shakey* would be proud

A music video that celebrates the presence of Neil Young among us.

We strongly recommend you go the site and enjoy this video. The true star of this piece is (sorry Norton) Douglas Avenue. Main is so jealous.

*Bernard Shakey is the name Neil Young uses when he directs films.

Beagle eye

Darrin’s portrait of a lawn maintenance supervisor.

If you missed the McClenahans interview on TV

Here is a link to the piece channel 12 recently did on Cora and the family.

Here is a description of how this event took shape.

Why the seventies were so wretched

This was the best song of 1977 AND the winner of the best song Oscar at the 1978 Academy Awards.

Really? This explains so much about that decade.

This song makes Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods sound like Death Cab for Cutie.