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We knew him when

Long before he was @toddblog he was Todd Ramsey, blogger. Now he is Todd, social media educator.


Learning from other’s success

The common link in all successful people’s stories? The people who helped them along the way. Deanna wants to know, who has made a difference in your career?

A blogger divided

is a blogger that posts more. Todd has ToddBlog. he also contributes to Greteman Group’s Altitude Attitude blog. Apparently it has something to do with a paycheck.

Skittles are Tweet

How to make a cheap web site, get your customers to provide all the content and create nationwide buzz. The Skittles approach.

Unlimited online poker

The Greteman Group shares their social media policy for employees. You can share your own companies policy in the comments.

Last minute shopping ideas

Coupons. The timeless gift that says I completely forgot I am giving you myself because I am too cheap refuse to define our love with rampant materialism.

This internet thing may catch on

The Obama campaign put social media to good use and there are lessons to be learned.