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One moment please

I hate this but it has to be done.

The bad news is I won’t be posting anything until Saturday morning.

The good news? By then we will have moved into our shiny new domain, douglasandmain.com

By then traffic to this site will be redirected to the new place. If you link to the blog please update that link with the new address.

There will be annoying glitches along the way but we will look back and laugh at them a year from now. I hope.

Big, big “thank you” to Furyfrog of Wichita and the multi-talented Viktor Tarm. I will sing more of his praises later but I want be clear; he is the man!


House of Mirrors

Think what it looks like when a mirror reflects into another mirror and then that reflects back into that mirror and it’s just mirrors to infinity. have that image in mind when you read this post.

Some thoughts on the first three weeks

This Douglas and Main site has even motivated me to blog! I try to reserve my (longer) opinions and thoughts for my blog. Then you may comment on them if you wish.

Bonus question: The headline of the post, linked to above, is a quote from what movie?