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First they need to get rid of Art Appreciation

Thoughts on saving Political Science’s place in the liberal arts curriculum.


Do you Glog?

A cool little site for you, or the student at your house, to make an online poster. Better yet it’s free.

Restart or reinvent?

A changing economy, a changing job market, a changing world and you. How do you handle all this when it’s your economy, or job, or world that is changed? L. Kelly will speak about rejuvenating your job skills, and your life, as a way to deal with the changes you can’t control.

Added value: A brief video that will either motivate you to prepare for the future or scare the effluvia out of you.

Expensive, slow and controlled

Amy returns to higher education and notices what students have been saying for years; universities and colleges are way behind in dealing with today’s technology.

A Parent-Teacher Conference victory

Some times Parent-Teacher conferences are a time of terror and regret. Other times they are a period of relief and wonder. Maria experiences the latter.

All in all it’s just another

Hey! Teacher! Make those kids write a 1,000 words about a brick. Then the teacher attempts same.

A memorable first day

John B. enjoys the first day of class. It sounds like his students did too.