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Now there are three

The Prefect brings another blogger into the fold.


Cindys back in the rotation

She’s teaching yoga classes, handling family and making massive amounts of coleslaw.

Checking in with the McClenahans

So many people are asking how we are doing. Honestly, we often want to answer “horrible”. The ache we feel as we grieve the loss of our little girl and how much we miss her is something I can’t even describe.  Really, we are doing OK (which is what we usually tell people).  We are taking things day by day.  We couldn’t make it through this in our own strength.  It is the HOPE that we have in Jesus that is getting us through each day.  For that we are so thankful.

Thursday was Cora’s first birthday.

We could always do more

Dave is on his way to see his sister, possibly for the last time.

Thoughts when you can’t sleep

Often times they start one place and wind up somewhere completely unexpected. Ellebee’s go from friend’s in prison to playgroup to the blessings she has.

Building a better weekend

Deb loves the weekend. She’s not complaining but, she thinks they could be even better. She would like your input and suggestions.

What we all want

To be loved for ourself, to accept ourself, and all our imperfections, and to take care of our children. Dana is no different.