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We knew him when

Long before he was @toddblog he was Todd Ramsey, blogger. Now he is Todd, social media educator.


Learning from other’s success

The common link in all successful people’s stories? The people who helped them along the way. Deanna wants to know, who has made a difference in your career?

Behold, all ye who doubt

Twitter takes a man around the world in 30 days. Todd is sharing the good news of Twitter this Thursday if you are still not a believer.

A blogger divided

is a blogger that posts more. Todd has ToddBlog. he also contributes to Greteman Group’s Altitude Attitude blog. Apparently it has something to do with a paycheck.

Social media, starting thoughts

Businesses looking to get involved in social media are the intended audience for these posts but the information is valuable for any one trying to sort out the confusing world of online interaction.

Social Media Saturation– Part 1

Social Media Saturation– Part 2

And don’t forget “thirtysomething”

Deanna is amused by the portrayal of fictional advertisers on Mad Men and Trust Me; but please don’t think that is the way they do things at the GG.

Limousines remain untouched

while congress makes corporate jets the symbolic target of their war on greed. The freshly minted outrage did nothing for the economy and undercut an industry and the thousands of people who build and repair the jets. Some thoughts from the Greteman Group.