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First they need to get rid of Art Appreciation

Thoughts on saving Political Science’s place in the liberal arts curriculum.


Real geeks don’t choose

Dr. Fox is on the horn’s of the classic “free ticket” dilemma; should he use the tickets to see Watchmen, Star Trek: The Reboot, or Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. You can help him decide which one his wife will let him see in his comments section.

Another music video, Belinda Carlisle style

In his continuing attempt to connect you to the zeitgeist of the 80s, via the emerging artistic expression of that day (music videos,) In Medias Res presents… “Mad About You.” Commentary included for added value.

When MTV actually showed music videos

This was a giant among those videos. Enjoy the Sledgehammery awesomeness of Peter Gabriel, courtesy of In Medias Res.

A quarter of greatness is still greatness

In Medias Res provides his weekly return to 80’s video enjoyment.

It includes a special bonus reminder of why no sane person will long for a return to 80’s fashion.

Inauguration thoughts

Lori, along with the Eagle newsroom, watched the swearing in of our 44th president.

Jamie covered a local inauguration watch party that offered a fun photo-op for the participants.

In Medias Res watched the ceremony at the student center at Friends University and had thoughts on the prayer, the muffed oath and the speech.

Kevin posts pictures of the events as well as a couple of himself and his dad.

A team picture of ict2dc. They are still blogging and Tweeting their thoughts and observations as they make their way home.

Pointing out a few memorable moments, Dave concludes with a line we all should share,

For now, a toast — just tea, at this time of day — to our new president. I wish him all the best. And I’m taking this responsibility thing to heart.

The dynamic nature of dreams

In light of yesterday’s holiday, and todays inauguration, there is much attention given to the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama and America. Although the dreams have a core consistency to them, their actual playing out is one of evolution and growth as they encounter the realities of history and humanity. Dr. Russell Arben Fox ruminates on these dreams and how they change, even as they bring about change.