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First Friday is coming

It’s free music for the masses. Here’s a list of who will be playing.


Halloween Meets Final Friday

A fresh Final Friday map is here. Below the link is a list of gallerys and their exhibitions.

Which of these is not like the others?

Los Angeles, Denver, Baltimore, Kansas City and Wichita.

Buzz! Wrong! It’s Kansas City.

Old Town in Wichita was named one of the Top Ten Neighborhoods in America. Here is the link to the list of all ten neighborhoods.

What other great places in Wichita should be proclaimed in text, photos or video?

Final Friday planning

Wow, it’s actually up-to-date. Here is a PDF of the brochure for tonight’s event including a map of the venues in the Old Town area. Here is a complete list of exhibitions. Not every Final Friday exhibit is in Old Town.

A few tips for Old Town on a Friday night

that  involve the helpful nature of Anchor patrons, Quik Trip employees, Quik Trip security and the local cab companies. Mort’s makes a cameo appearance.

Are TIFs worth the effort?

Bob Weeks looks at a recent article in the Eagle that declares the TIF (tax increment financing) districts such as Old Town and the East Bank are not creating the intended new development and asks, “if property values in TIF districts are being assessed accurately and fairly?”