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Another drawn in to the madness

Sarah has worked her way through season one of Mad Men and it has set her to thinking on scenes in novels and scenes in her life.


Blog warning

Sarah discusses the big problem with blogs. They are addictive. Especially Self-help gurus that post pithy, perfection attaining posts every five minutes. Sarah does the sane thing.

We can relate. Our name is Douglas & Main and we are blog-aholics. Whether its triplets or mommy bloggers or photos of your mother-in-law’s New Years indescretions; you have us by the eyelids.

Writing about not writing

Writer’s block. It’s a puzzlement and a bedevilment. Share Sarah’s pain.

The writer’s life in two parts

Sarah explains her writing routine and the pros and cons of a routine.

Know your bloggers

By their “Six Random Facts” shall ye know them:

Sarah Wagner Yost

Ken’s Blog

Here In Katie’s Head

To Explain How I Got Here

Stay tuned for more randomness.


Nap Lover

If you want to write

Sarah has some outlets for your work.

Blogger tells all

Not really. It’s an interview Sarah did with the lead goofball at Douglas and Main.