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We knew him when

Long before he was @toddblog he was Todd Ramsey, blogger. Now he is Todd, social media educator.


If no one follows any one

Then Twitter becomes unworkable.

The Tweeps who build giant followings without following anyone are either people we want to gawk at (see Cherp’s man-crush confession) or they produce interesting content (CNN doesn’t follow alot of people either.) They are a different breed of bird than the rest of us and add spice to the Twitterverse.

thoughts later deleted

Questions about social media and self and identity. Really, they are the same questions we have to answer about face-to-face interaction. The computer-mediated thing allows some wiggle room but ultimately the question is, “who do I want to appear to be to other people?”

Are you contemplating a Second Life?

Let Cerebrate take your hand, virtually of course, and guide you into the world of Second Life. This is the first of five sessions.

Social media, starting thoughts

Businesses looking to get involved in social media are the intended audience for these posts but the information is valuable for any one trying to sort out the confusing world of online interaction.

Social Media Saturation– Part 1

Social Media Saturation– Part 2

Please take my money

Twitter could make David’s day if it would just charge a little fee for their service. It’s not about coin, it’s about value.

Just your Standard Answer

A California Girl in Kansas has a new internet project and she invites you to participate.