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Do you Glog?

A cool little site for you, or the student at your house, to make an online poster. Better yet it’s free.


Children, start your crayons!

Google is offering a $15,000 scholarship, as well as other prizes, to students who enter their “Doodle for Google” contest. Teaching Tomorrow has the link to the information.

An overload of tools

to help with information overload. A list of the top 100 learning tools. Sadly the number 2 pencil did not make this year’s list. All Ticonderoga grieves.

A tool a week, that’s all they ask

Lots of Web 2.0 tools to learn, and now a site to help you master them.

How did they get in my office?

A cartoon depiction of a smart person’s desk.

That’s not funny, that’s my life.

Touche Wordle

Linnic promotes the Wordle as an educational tool and displays the results the site came up with for the two presidential candidate’s acceptance speeches.

its not just tasty

Its Delicious! And linnic serves it up with a plate of Web 2.0.