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We knew him when

Long before he was @toddblog he was Todd Ramsey, blogger. Now he is Todd, social media educator.


Behold, all ye who doubt

Twitter takes a man around the world in 30 days. Todd is sharing the good news of Twitter this Thursday if you are still not a believer.

Todd Blog gets a makeover

New design. Go and comment but be kind. Your not Stacy and this isn’t What Not to Wear.

The gift of art

Affordable art that is just right for sitcom loving TV fans.

If everyone helps a little bit

then a great deal of help can be given to those who need it. Todd has a suggestion for how we can help a little bit. If this doesn’t work for you then he will have another one next week.

Social media, starting thoughts

Businesses looking to get involved in social media are the intended audience for these posts but the information is valuable for any one trying to sort out the confusing world of online interaction.

Social Media Saturation– Part 1

Social Media Saturation– Part 2

Dream Therapy

Todd had a dream. A very strange dream. He would like for you to help him understand what it means.

Obviously, Coulier represents mediocrity.