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Movie Review: Watchmen

Coty really liked it.

Mixed review for Dustin Deckard (but he is all love for the Star Trek trailer.)

Zach enjoyed it and gives it a, “Wow.”

Although the showing was interrupted by a Tornado warning (hence the “Dour Kitty” title for her post) Patsy Terrell liked the movie too.

Full disclousure: The comptroller of Douglas and Main is a full blown raving comic fanboy since the 60s. He bought the original run of Watchmen as it came out each month in the mid-eighties. Although he has not seen the movie yet he will.Oh yes, he will.


Real geeks don’t choose

Dr. Fox is on the horn’s of the classic “free ticket” dilemma; should he use the tickets to see Watchmen, Star Trek: The Reboot, or Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. You can help him decide which one his wife will let him see in his comments section.