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Restaurant Review: The Donut Whole

Concise and to the point. With pictures.


Another first for Kathryn

She completed her first indoor triathlon.

Frosty goes down smooth

Kathryn said she would run in the Frosty 5k and she did. One down and five races to go. The Wii virus spreads.

One more race

Kathryn ran in five races in 2008. The goal is six for 2009.

Here’s the shirt from the first race for this year. Tilt your head to the left.

Thinking pizza?

Kathryn says you should think Knolla’s Pizza. She recommends the Coney Island pizza. It taste like a chili dog?

The loss of a friend

Ditto, loyal, loveable and greatly missed.

Six Random Facts: Pleasures (guilty and otherwise) edition

We three love to be’s lone maestro, Kathryn.

One of one, bassoonery and peppermint mocha.