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Her realm is expanding

Entrepreneur, Foodie, wife to Brian and Poker queen, Cherrie Brubaker, is taking on the added duties of jewelry maven.


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal…

It is the courage to continue that counts.” Frank & Margaret’s is closing. We will miss the shop. We look forward to the next great thing that comes from the mind of Emily. It will be even better.

Someone’s starting her own PR firm

I won’t give the whole thing away but she’s pug-centric, tends to use the word “balls” in unathletic contexts and she is from the west coast. She also has a very nice logo.

Corrections: Changed the headline as per this. Correcting D&M grammar is a a full-time task. Thanks to Steph and Shea for the help.

So you want to do business on Twitter?

You would do well to listen to Amy.

The Happy Fun Studio

Entermotion has suggestions on how to put the Whee back in business.

Because sometimes Main cannot help himself, a link to the “Happy Fun Ball” commercial on SNL.

Store Review: The Pink Boa

“The girliest store ever”? There are pictures to help you decide; does it deserve the title?