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With deep regret and shame…

The editorial staff of Douglas and Main apologize in advance for the follwing picture. Two interns and a long time copy editor were fired as sacrifice to all those easily offended readers.

"Just flip the coin Ron."

"Just flip the coin Ron."

John B. is to blame. I have never read the Harry Potter books but I understand them to be a cross-breeding of Scripture and Hemingway that will soon replace the Bhagavad-Gita in many faith-based cultures. Humor is no excuse for blasphemy.


Show you care

John B. calls on you to invest one of the rats-asses you have been hoarding and take the online survey at WAMPO (that’s the Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization).

They want to know what you think the most important issues are in local transportation. Actually they tell you what they think are the most important issues and then ask you to rank them but small matter.  John B. wants you to stuff the ballot box for pedalers rights. He even advocates Chicago-style voting, hinting that you don’t have to live in Wichita to vote in this poll.

If you care about the much needed bullet train between Wichita and Wellington (or Mulvane pending the proper amount of money changing hands) you will have to put it in the comments.

Sharing my private life…

I have a blog of my own besides Douglas and Main. I figure if I want to argue, err discuss, with one or all of you I should do what I am encouraging all of you to do and either comment on your blog or respond to you on my blog.

So I direct you to my humorously named blog to share a moment of ecstacy,

Wichita’s national political importance

Paul Hill was recently contacted by the international media for his views on the upcoming presidential election. This leads to his wondering if he has arrived.

It cannot be a coincidence that the release of the ABBA music fueled movie Mama Mia comes right on the heels of this interest from Norwegian Public Broadcasting.

Would you like to be a college professor?

Lou Heldman is teaching a seminar at WSU this fall titled, Strategic Issues in Media Management. He would like your help. He has a list of 13 books that he would like your opinion on. He would prefer that you read them before you give your opinions.

Odd coincidence: I checked out one of the books on his list (groundswell) at the WSU library but was forced to return it early because of their policy that demands students return a book early when a faculty member wishes to check that book out. Earlier that day I had mentioned to the Distinguished Senior Fellow in Media Management and Journalism at Wichita State University how interesting I found that exact same book.

Todd opens up his heart…

… and reveals it holds a channel tuned to G’s to Gents. I am not one to question any ones taste in television matter but…

Hi, my name is Bobby and I watched at least four seasons of Celebrity Fit Club.

But I don’t go around telling strangers. What goes on in reality TV stays in reality TV.

The trouble with labels

Moti looks at the latest discussion/argument concerning the use of labels in political disagreements. Although the questions he thoughtfully deals with are bigger than just Wichita he brings the question home to a personal level. The issues may be different for you but the question of why you ultimately choose to vote for someone is timely.