Monthly Archives: December 2008

Local film (kinda) makes good

It was shot in Kansas last year. Some of it was filmed in Wichita. Now The Only Good Indian has been chosen for the Sundance Film Festival.


Some men hug

Two nice guys in the Wichita area.

I only know Troy Morrell by the success he has had at Butler. Monty Lewis is a wonderful man.

Full disclosure: Douglas and Main‘s owner and publisher has a son on the Friend’s football team. That doesn’t change the fact that Monty is a wonderful man but it does give us a chance to brag.

Want to brighten your holiday?

Revel in the horror of other people’s gifts.

The votes are in and there are no other contenders. Worst. Gift. Ever.

You suck at reading

How many books did you read this year? 20? 50? 100? Melissa laughs at your efforts.

By the numbers:

197 = number of books she read in 2008

53 = number of books linked to in her post

0 = your chance of reading a third of the books she reads in 2009

Book Nut. It’s not just a blog name, it’s a diagnosis.

Only 50?

The top smooth jazz hits of 2008.

A former Doobie Brother, the only male in Division I basketball history to be voted All-America his freshman season, and Kenny G (twice!) are just a few of the performers on this list.

Welcome to the eighth circle, ditch ten

It’s the level of hell reserved for alchemist, forgerers, impersonators and kazoo quartets who play Metallica.

Raw stuff

It’s soo sexy when just a little is revealed. But sometimes you need to drop the veil to enjoy true intimacy.