Monthly Archives: November 2008

Six Random Facts: Cinnamon curse edition

intern[life]’s designer and builder, Eric.

Clocks unsynchronized, comedy gold and carbonated supremacy.


When your skillet weighs more than your backdoor

I do not make this stuff up. Seriously. I just link you to the most fascinating posts I can find.

A calm voice in the midst of storms

Cecil Carrier remembered

It’s great to be young and buying stocks

When the stock market goes down that means stock prices go down. For “investors with long term horizons” its a good thing. For the rest of us? Not so much.

Because you have too much free time

Entermotion Designs put together a list of movies they suggest you see. And they are all on Which means you can watch them right now.

What the judge has on his Blackberry

A list of lawyers who Twitter and posts about courtroom Twitterers.

Can you handle the truth?

What do we want from our news sources? Negativity? Boosterism? A proponent or an opponent? Bill would like to hear your answer.