Monthly Archives: March 2009

One moment please

I hate this but it has to be done.

The bad news is I won’t be posting anything until Saturday morning.

The good news? By then we will have moved into our shiny new domain,

By then traffic to this site will be redirected to the new place. If you link to the blog please update that link with the new address.

There will be annoying glitches along the way but we will look back and laugh at them a year from now. I hope.

Big, big “thank you” to Furyfrog of Wichita and the multi-talented Viktor Tarm. I will sing more of his praises later but I want be clear; he is the man!


Follow the travels of Tyler

He’s blogging his travels in Europe. He also has big plans for the future.

We knew him when

Long before he was @toddblog he was Todd Ramsey, blogger. Now he is Todd, social media educator.

Her realm is expanding

Entrepreneur, Foodie, wife to Brian and Poker queen, Cherrie Brubaker, is taking on the added duties of jewelry maven.

Now there are three

The Prefect brings another blogger into the fold.

First Friday is coming

It’s free music for the masses. Here’s a list of who will be playing.

Why teaching is fun

When the Hamilton Middle School teachers had to abruptly leave the building they weren’t allowed to return to retrieve the supplies they had purchased. Bob has a couple of questions.