Monthly Archives: January 2009

All in all it’s just another

Hey! Teacher! Make those kids write a 1,000 words about a brick. Then the teacher attempts same.


You could print “Reeses Pieces” on them

Personalized messages on your M&Ms. It’s not just for weddings. You can also mix colors and words to celebrate Super Bowls, Tweetups and downsizing events.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please

There is an impending arrival at “everything is beautiful.”

So say we all

“The final Watchmen poster. This movie better not suck” Thus says Morgan.

Final Friday: Delano Style

A list of places to visit on the west end of the festivities. Karen also points to one of the great mysteries of our age, artists on MySpace.

Good news

Cora has started chemotherapy earlier than anticipated and so far she is handling it fairly well.

Monarch Butterflys have their own website

Kim photographs the butterfiles. She also goes to enjoy the musical stylings of Vehicles. The two worlds collide.